The whole web vs. windows discussion.

Darren, Greg and Paul (Glavich) have been having an interesting discussion about the merits of technologies such as AJAX, Silverlight and what the future of web vs. windows might look like.

I’ve kinda flip flopped on this whole issue. I look at the web browser and I see a great delivery platform. And while HTML isn’t perfect it can be used to produce some beautiful UI’s, in fact even when compared to WPF.

On the other hand if you aren’t careful you can end up with a fairly unstable application. I actually browse the web with JavaScript debugging turned on just so I can see some of the rubbish code that is executing out there – but to concede Darren’s point, its usually because they aren’t using some kind of DOM abstraction layer like the Microsoft AJAX library (or something else).

Personally I quite like some of the things I can now do (relatively easily) with ASP.NET AJAX, and whilst I don’t think I have abused Silverlight enough I think that I’m going to enjoy that too.

One thing is for sure – the line between the two is blurring, in the end we are building an engaging experience for our customers. Its not worth getting too religious about whether you use System.Windows.* or System.Web.*!


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