Code Camp Oz 2008: Call for Speakers

I’ve just put out an announcement about the dates for Code Camp Oz 2008 and which dates the event will run on. As a community event we rely on speakers donating their time and covering their own expenses coming to Wagga Wagga each year.

If you think that you have what it takes to stand up in front of 200+ people and present on a technical subject related to .NET and the Microsoft development platform generally then you might like to consider submitting an abstract for Code Camp Oz 2008, to be held on the 26th and 27th of April.

Each year Greg and I sit down and figure out what subjects we think people will be most interested in and then seek help from the community to fill in speaking slots. This year there will be fourteen time slots to fill with content so we expect competition to fill them is going to be tight so it is absolutely critical that you put some serious effort into producing your abstract. Even still, submitting an abstract is no guarantee that you will get a speaking slot (be we hope you will come along anyway).

This year, the topics that Greg and I have decided are going to be most popular are:

  • Visual Studio 2008 with a practical focus.
    • .NET Framework 3.5 Fundamentals (LINQ etc)
    • ASP.NET and ASP.NET Extensions (AJAX and MVC Frameworks)
    • Silverlight and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
    • Team Foundation Server 2008
  • Upcoming Technologies and Research Stuff
    • F#
    • PEX
    • Rosario (TFS vNext)
    • PowerShell?
  • SQL Server 2008
    • New Features
    • Business Intelligence?

We would like to invite all potential speakers to submit abstracts around these topics. This will maximise your chances of getting a speaker spot, of course if you feel passionate about some other subject Greg and I will always consider alternative sessions (for example, sessions related to the business side of software development).

Timeline for Speakers

In order to streamline the speaker selection process this year we are announcing the key dates in advance so everyone can get their abstracts in on time and so that they know when they can expect a response.

  • Call for Speakers (NOW); we are going to try to get the word out as far and wide as possible to give people as much time as possible to prepare their abstracts.
  • Abstract Submission Cut-off (15th of February); potential speakers need to have submitted their completed (see below) abstract to Greg Low and I via Abstracts submitted after this time are unlikely to even be considered.
  • Speaker Selection Announcements (29th of February); Greg and I will post on our blogs, and on the site who the selected speakers are. Speakers who are selected can expect to be contacted by Greg or myself before this date to confirm dates and other arrangements.

Finally – before deciding to submit an abstract please ensure that you can attend Code Camp Oz 2008 in Wagga Wagga on the 26th and 27th of April (we assume that most speakers and delegates will arrive in the afternoon on the 25th) and that you have an appropriate amount of preparation time so you can deliver a great presentation.

What is a good abstract?

I’ve mentioned in this post a few times about the session abstract that speakers need to submit. Here are a few tips for putting together an abstract that will catch our attention.

  • A concise but punchy title.
  • A clear description of what material is to be presented.
  • A clear description of who the intended audience is.
  • A description of why you should be presenting on this topic.
  • A description of what your previous speaking experience is (if any).
  • The lotto numbers for the next few months.

Anyway – good luck submitting your abstracts, we are looking forward to receiving them and picking the speakers for Code Camp Oz 2008!


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