Code Camp Oz 2008: RSVP Now!

So – you have decided to come to Code Camp Oz 2008? Excellent, we think this year is going to be huge but you need to register your attendance so that we can organise catering for lunch and making sure that Wagga Wagga imports a sufficient supply of coffee beans to cope with that many software developers.

In order to RSVP for the event you simply need to send an e-mail to letting us know that you are coming (name, e-mail and phone number if possible please). Either Greg or I will respond confirming that we have received your e-mail.

Tentative Agenda for the Weekend

  • Friday Afternoon; workshops! (not confirmed yet, but we realise that lots of people will arrive on the Friday, this gives everyone enough time to show the appropriate level of respect at the dawn service).
  • Friday Evening; dinner at a local venue. Usually this is at Montezumas, however there are a few logistical challenges with this and we are looking at alternatives like Golden Seasons.
  • Saturday Daytime; technical sessions! This is what you come for!
  • Saturday Evening; whilst not confirmed, we suspect that CSU will put a wine and cheese tasting event on for us again (always a highlight), and if possible we are looking at having a BBQ afterwards.
  • Sunday Daytime; technical sessions!
  • Sunday Afternoon; wrap-up!

If you RSVP for the event then we will be able to keep you up to date as all the plans and specifics come together. Refer to the call for speakers post for information about what the content of the technical sessions are likely to be.


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