Consulting Anxiety

Occasionally when I am working out in the field flicking between short term engagements I can develop a bit of Consulting Anxiety. Technical folk are often introverts, and before I came to consulting I would have definitely put myself in that category.

Things that helped me overcome it were forming, and regularly presenting at a user group, presenting at larger technical conferences like Tech.Ed and generally getting out and socialising more. However – every now and then I can see myself reverting back.

For example, from the end of November I had a good block of off-site development work and a good chunk of annual leave. When I got back from leave I went into a consulting engagement feeling a little bit uncertain, then, once again when I had a different client that week – and this week I had the same sensation.

On one hand it is refreshing because that added stress possibly gives me a bit of an edge, but on the other it can be quite debilitating as you debate with yourself the merit of keeping doing this kind of front-line technical work (if severe cases).

I once attended a consulting workshop by Graeme Simsion and he described the “accidental consultant” phenomenon. The gist of it is that consulting is something that _happens to you_. In my case I seemed to do a reasonable job at developing software, reasonable enough for others to start asking me my opinion about the software that they are developing – and hey presto I am a consultant.

When I find myself a bit anxious about a consulting engagement I usually talk myself off the ledge by reminding myself that I have around eight years experience with .NET (yep, I started using in 2000) and that I could probably just let go and let the benefit of that experience flow a bit.

No need to be anxious.


2 thoughts on “Consulting Anxiety

  1. richard

    While going through the phrases i got good information regarding anxiety,it is well explained about how to shed our anxiety and refreshing the mind set.
    Anxiety reveals mood disorders such as depression .One must overcome fears and phobias relatively.

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