Waiting for "The Ashes of Worlds"

Yesterday whilst on a plane to Sydney I finally finished Metal Swarm by Kevin J. Anderson. Metal Swarm is book six in a series called “The Saga of the Seven Suns” which tells the story of humanity, elemental beings and a few alien races and other sentient life forms.

If you are into space opera then I strongly encourage you to pick up this series. Each book continues the overall story but has a number of self contained sub plots. This last book was quite hard to get through because I felt that after book five we were well past the climax but it finally pulled itself up and I am keen to get onto the next book “The Ashes of Worlds“. Unfortunately the seventh and final book in the series hasn’t been published yet so I am going to have to wait, just like I am waiting for The Temporal Void which will add to the Commonwealth Universe created by Peter F. Hamilton.

Today I went to the book shop and picked up “The New Space Opera” which I believe is a collection of short stories by a number of authors. Should make for some good bite size reading. I’d love to get into writing short stories in the sci-fi genre – maybe one day inspiration will take me.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for "The Ashes of Worlds"

  1. Mikhail Kustov

    My name is misha
    im 15
    I would like to know when Book Seven is coming out
    Please inform as soon as you can

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