Windows Feature Request: Pausable File Copying

I’ve thought about this one a few times but have never blogged it. When you get your machine doing a lot of things, sometimes a file copy can take up a few resources (I/O resources in-particular) so I think it would be nice to be able to pause a long running file copy operation.



10 thoughts on “Windows Feature Request: Pausable File Copying

  1. Mikael Söderström

    I have also been thinking of that. But I want to be able to pause not only a file transfer, but also a specified process.

    Lets say you install a software that uses 100% of the CPU. The install will take 20 minutes, but you really need to do something else. Why can´t I just pause that process and resume it when I´m done?

    /Mikael Söderström

  2. Alex

    I hope you are not suggesting windows team hire a UI designer or even go as far as doing usability tests.

    The best thing is when vista just says it can’t copy a file because there isn’t enough memory available… never mind that that i have enough free ram to fit that file 3 times over. It’s lovely having to go back to FAR to perform “advanced” file manipulations.

  3. JM

    This is why I use “Total Commander” which :
    1 – is fastest
    2 – allows “Pause” and even a “speed limit” in kb.
    3 – has a “Queue” mode which stacks all actions (copy,moves) and do them one by one.

    The price is around 35$.
    It doesn’t really have a “nice” look & feel but it works !


    (I don’t know if it works with Vista, just give a try with the shareware)

  4. Daniel Moth

    Wow! Unless you are running SP1, I find it very brave that you use the Shell copy instead of robocopy… the latter of course having pausability capabilities 😉

  5. Gary Di Girolamo

    I have to agree! this has been on my wish list for years!. ..not only that, but how about further controls such as queuing, so you can set priorities for certain files. EG… i have initiated a large copy between hard disks, a few minutes in I then want to copy 500mb to my memory stick, without the ability to ‘pause’ as you say, or set priorities, it can be annoying!

  6. Dugie

    Hmmmm, that’s got potential dude. I’ve always resorted to a command prompt and robocopy for big operations like that one. But a pause button, could persuade me to stick with the UI.

  7. Titel

    I guess you have never heard of Total Copy — totally freeware and a must-have tool a couple of years ago. I don’t know if it works under Vista. There’s also SuperCopier, a similar open source application, but I have not tested it. Feel like taking one or both of them for a spin? 🙂

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