Procrastination Backlog #1

My blog is like a product, and each blog post I write is like a feature, although admittedly some features are more important than others. Like any product, there is a backlog of features that I would like to add but they either aren’t sufficiently defined or there isn’t sufficient resources to add them.

I usually come up with one or two post ideas to add to this blog every day, but I usually don’t get a chance to add them because I am too busy coding or desperately in need of sleep. Some posts however I think could be genuinely useful but I think I would like feedback from you (my customer) on how to prioritise the backlog.

What I propose is this – on a regular basis I post a “procrastination backlog” like this which lists out all the post ideas that I currently have loaded onto my stack. If there is something you are particularly interested in – let me know and I’ll devote some time to writing it up, if I don’t hear from you the list will build and I will knock things off them in whatever order I see fit.

My current procrastination backlog looks like this:

  1. Write a post about implementing a rolling log file trace listener that works with the System.Diagnostics API.
  2. Write a post about creating a trace listener that creates time stamped log files like IIS.
  3. Write a post about how to use the data contract serializer to store LINQ to SQL results in out-of-process/SQL ASP.NET session state.
  4. Write a post on how to host the PowerShell runtime in your own application and use it as a macro language.
  5. Write a post on how to expose application specific data via a PSProvider in PowerShell, and how to write custom Cmdlet’s.
  6. Write a post on how to use PowerShell to control Virtual Server 2005 to backup virtualised TFS environments.
  7. Write a rant about how the design process being separated from the development process leads to re-work and scheduling delays.
  8. Write a post on using Team Foundation Server for release management based on a slide deck I already have.
  9. See whether the world needs a post on how to close a NamedPipesServerStream.

Want to add something to the list? Anything need to be a higher priority? Let me know via comments – I’m going to bed!


7 thoughts on “Procrastination Backlog #1

  1. Jared

    First off, great idea on the backlog. I feel like I’m in the same situation most of the time, lots of ideas and topics but just not enough time (or in my case motivation) to execute them. Secondly, I personally would like to see #4, 3 and 7 in the near future.

  2. Jon Galloway

    I started doing that lately, too. I have a draft in Windows Live Writer called Post Topics, with a big long list. If I start a draft (one of the cooler features in WLW) then I keep it listed in Post Topics, but add “(post started)” afterwards.

    I’m finding that it’s really helpful when I find a few free minutes and wonder what I should write about.

    I’d most like to see 3,4, and 7 (in no particular order).

  3. Blair

    Hi Mitch,

    Be good to get you view on how to host the PowerShell runtime in your own application and use it as a macro language. There have to be some DSL options here that could be explored.


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