The Ultimate Escape

So Roger Lawrence over at the Microsoft DPE team has posted a link to The Ultimate Escape web-site which has been put up by i-mate. Basically they are going to get a bunch of folks together in Byron Bay, equip them with phones from the new i-mate Ultimate range and set them at the task of working remotely.

Yours’ truly has been lucky enough to score a ticket to this little shindig which is cool since I’ve been experiencing some serious geek lust for the Ultimate devices since last year. The models have changed but the 9502 is pretty much the device to die for.

So basically I am counting down the days until I jump on the plane to Byron Bay, I’ll be working while I am up there so it won’t be all fun and games, but I think it will be great being around other people that get the whole mobile worker thing.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Escape

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