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The Dreaded Lurghi

I suspect that there are a few folks with the dreaded lurghi after Code Camp Oz this weekend. Most of the folks from Readify that attended are down, including myself. Unfortunate this means that last night I had to call Craig Bailey and pull out of doing my talk at SBTUG tonight. Fortunately Richard Banks agreed to step in and present a different session in my place – Richard was lucky enough (in some ways) not to attend Code Camp Oz 🙂

Anyway – apologies to anyone who was particularly looking forward to my session this evening. I really wanted to present, but couldn’t both because I would have been like a zombie, but also because I don’t want to make anyone else sick … I’ve already done that to someone else in the last 48 hours.

Hanging out in Wagga Wagga airport.

I’m catching the early flight to Melbourne this morning. Most folks headed back to their respective homes yesterday but I couldn’t get a flight back as all the seats were already taken. It looks like the flights this morning are going to be pretty busy – not sure if I’ll be able to work while I am on the flight.

As I read my e-mail this morning I notice that Jeff Wharton has uploaded some photos to Facebook from Code Camp Oz 2008 and started tagging them. I love this one of me riding around on the Esky Scooter that the lads at CSU have built. I swear that I had only had one drink officer!

This is fun that you can only have at Code Camp 🙂

Matt Hamilton blogs about his Code Camp Oz experience.

Matt Hamilton has blogged about his Code Camp Oz 2008 experience. I to think that it was a really great event this year and the Twitter feed really added another dimension to it. I actually integrated Twitter into my presentation taking a brief from my customer via Twitter.

Next year I think that it might actually be worth integrating Twitter feedback into the event in a more visible way (if it is still the new hotness :P) by connecting a secondary projector up and pumping the hashtags feed directly onto the wall.

Not sure what people think about that.

Code Camp Oz 2008 Day 2: Drawing to a close.

Right now I am sitting in the last session of the day. Luke Drumm is taking us on a rather scary tour of his mental state as he uses pirates to explain the problem that the DLR is trying to solve. This is a bit of a radical departure from his XNA session last year, but its interesting.

He is bring it back to games development as games often use dynamic languages like LUA.

The event has been another success this year and I’d like to think all the speakers, sponsors and attendees for getting involved once again. In particular I’d like to thank CSU and the faculty staff for hosting us again, and also Microsoft for providing a lot of the funding for the event.

Nearly time to clean-up go home and get some sleep. I’m exhausted!

Code Camp Oz Day 1


It was a beautiful Autumn morning this morning. The view above is from the car-park looking up towards the buildings that we host Code Camp Oz in. Taking photos like this makes me think that I might like to get more into photography one day.

We kicked off the day with Jonas Folleso, followed by Greg Low and Bill Chesnut with two rapid fire sessions. Next up it was Shane Morris and then Peter Myers. That is a pretty impressive line up already. Paul Stovell of Readify fame is up at the moment showing off some technology that he has been working on for a while – SyncLINQ.


PIC_00098 PIC_00102

We’ve been getting lots of Twitter love during the event as well with the participants managing to bump us up to number three on the global hashtag rankings. Keep up the good work guys!


If you want to follow what everyone is saying, check out the Hashtags page.

Code Camp Oz Day 0: The Pre-Conference

I’m blogging this a day late, but yesterday we kicked off Code Camp Oz 2008 (the fourth year running) with a bit of a pre-conference event. We had Greg Low presenting two sessions and Jeff Wharton presenting another, and I snuck off and did a bit of a load fest, although only one person turned up – so I guess that is good news (everyone has the tools already).

I started the day by going out to the ANZAC day parade on Baylis street in Wagga Wagga and then caught up with Greg and Mai Low and Fernando Guerrero.


After that we headed up to the CSU Campus to get set up for the pre-con. We had a pretty good turn out which I was pleased to see, I thought we might only get a dozen or so people.




All in all it was a good day, and we all ended up at the Golden Season restaurant later on in the evening where a good time was had by all (OK – that is just my opinion).

Lest We Forget

anzacbadge Yesterday morning I got in from Los Angeles, spent a few hours in Melbourne then headed up to Wagga Wagga for the pre-con of Code Camp Oz. This year we are holding it over the ANZAC Day long weekend and today is the 25th of April 2008.

Why is that significant? Well, in my family there are two reasons, first of all it is my little brothers birthday (Happy Birthday Bro!) but also it is the day that all Australian’s remember those who have fought for us. It is important then that even though Code Camp Oz starts today, that we show and appropriate amount of respect.

In Wagga Wagga, ANZAC day celebrations take on a special significance because of the military presence in the town. Right now I am sitting at a bakery just off the main street which has been blocked off for the ANZAC day parade. There are lots of ex-servicemen and women walking around, and a few serving members.

I’m cross platform baby!


So I’m starting to get a feel for what it is like to work in a cross platform world. It is very easy to spin your wheels just getting simple integration working such as file transfers.

The truth of the matter is that I have two kicking devices (MacBook Air and Tablet PC) and I want to use them both productively. For now I’ve decided to draw some boundaries around what I use each machine for. The MacBook Air is definitely going to be all about play since I don’t see many of my customers lining up asking me to build them Mac or iPhone applications.

The Tablet PC is all about work – it is where I get my exchange e-mail. The nice thing about this is I might finally be able to figure out how to “put work away” simply by closing one laptop lid and opening up another. Maybe not being able to get Exchange e-mail integration with Entourage is a blessing in disguise.