The Journey Begins

I’m currently sitting at Gate 9, International Departure Lounge at the Melbourne International Airport, which as it happens is at the same place that the Domestic Airport it, but it just sounds so much more sophisticated and clever when I say International.

My ultimate destination is Seattle where I will be attending the annual Microsoft’s Global MVP Summit. This will be the third summit that I have attended. Normally when I head over to Seattle for these events I hang around just long enough to attend the conference but I’ve found myself with some leave up my sleeve, so I decided to use some of it to see more of the West Coast of the USA.

When I land in LAX I am grabbing a car (International Drivers Licence – check!) and checking into a motel (just to get over the jetlag) then I am going to head out and spend a week finding my way up to Seattle before the conference starts. If anyone lives between LA and Seattle and would like to catch up some time in the coming week let me know.

One thing that I am interested in checking out in the USA is the co-working scene. It is starting to take off in Australia but I want to see what a more established facility looks like and what the vibe in a co-working place is like – I would this Wiki which might lead me to some interesting places.


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