An urgent trip to Frys!

Frys is an absolutely amazing place. I decided that I had no chance of successfully navigating my way around cities like LA and SFO without a GPS so I headed off to experience this electronics department store that I had heard so much about. I found one near where I was staying:


Since I was there anyway I decided to have a bit of a look around to see what gadgets they had on display. I have to say that the selection is awesome – I’ve not seen anything like it in Australia. Of course, the other cool thing is that I get to see all the things that we simply can’t get in Australia, like the HP Home Server.


Another thing that caught my eye was the Mac Book Air device which looks very pretty indeed.


This is a very small notebook and very slim. The price isn’t too bad either at USD$1,799.00 which compares fairly favourably with what Next Byte in Australia has on offer.


One thought on “An urgent trip to Frys!

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