Today I am doing some work from BLANKSPACES. It is a co-working facility in Los Angeles that I read about on the the co-working wiki. When I arrived I was greeted by Jerome Chang who manages BLANKSPACES.

Visiting BLANKSPACES is pretty much the only reason why I am still in Los Angeles today instead of heading up Highway 1 towards Ventura. At Readify we have culturally avoided having a big corporate office with cubicles, but as we grow the pressure to fall into line with traditional business practices increases. One of the reasons I wanted to see BLANKSPACES is that I think that an organisation like Readify could leverage a facility like it to release the pressure around getting office space – I also philosophically agree with what it is trying to accomplish.

In Australia we have the following social and economic forces at play:

  • Reduced affordability of land and housing near the city.
  • Increased fuel costs due – potentially due to scarcity.
  • Increased travel time eating into family/recreation time.

Over time I see demand for co-working spaces increasing in the suburbs surrounding a major city (such as Los Angeles or Melbourne or Sydney). Employees or freelancers in the general area would then come in and work when they wanted to escape from the house and get a more social atmosphere.

If you do need to work with someone face to face then you just head to a mutually convenient space like this and just spend the day working together. Otherwise you just go to any space that you want. For example – I might decide that I want to take an extended tour around Europe. All I would need to do is figure out what days I could work and where facilities like BLANKSPACES were and pin them into my trip.

Finally – I just wanted to give a shout out to Nick Randolph who is helping build the co-working dream in Perth with his Silicon Beach House.


7 thoughts on “BLANKSPACES

  1. silky

    i love the idea of co-working locations as well. i am actually semi-trying to start one in melbourne (not limited to tech though).

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