G, L, 1, Whatever

OK – I’ve got to say something. Floor Numbering (in elevators) in general (not just the USA drives me nuts). For example, in Australia we usually have G for ground, then 1 to whatever, but even in Australia there is inconsistency because we can often get just numbers.

Anyway – I jumped into the elevator in my hotel this evening and pressed G (thinking I would be going to ground). Of course – I ended up in the garage then had to go back up to L (for Lobby). This has gotten me before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in the world where we just used simple numbers and then put a label next to the number?


8 thoughts on “G, L, 1, Whatever

  1. Eddie de Bear

    Surely in this day and age of nice touch screens, it wouldn’t be too hard to allow floor selection by what you want.. i.e. in a Shopping Centre, press a button for the shop you want. In a hotel, press a button corresponding to the room numbers i.e. 120-130 etc.. Nobody needs to worry about what floor.

    I guess the same could work for office buildings too. Press the button for the Company/Department you want…

    Sure, it may be a little slower, but damn it’d be cool 🙂

  2. silky

    i was in an elevator the other day where ‘ground’ floor was level 5. (i started on level 3 and went up to get to 4, then walked up the stairs to get to 5).

  3. Bill

    so what would the garage be ? -1, -2 , -3 ? Or would garage be 1, then what floor would be ground ? Does lobby have to be on ground floor ?

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