Co-working and trust.

UmbrellaZoomIn I’m sitting under my umbrella at Sandbox Suites and noticed that three of the people that are based here today locked their machines, got up and walked out for an hour or so (in fact I stepped out for an hour myself).

This made me think about the implications of working in a shared facility where people can just drop in and out. I’d say that a lot of people that work in co-working locations are carrying around a laptop, often valued between $1,500 and $5,000 dollars along with a bunch of other geeky accoutrements.

For a remote worker that kit is their life. If they loose it they have probably lost at least a days work but most likely more, but they have also lost their means of production which not only costs money, but also costs time to get back up and running.

So what is the upshot? Well co-working locations need to be someone selective with who they let through the doors. Most people are honest, but it only takes one person to ruin it. I wonder how co-working facilities deal with this – do they recommend people pack up every time they go for coffee or lunch, or to a meeting?

I guess that is why you might opt for a private office if you are in the one spot regularly.


3 thoughts on “Co-working and trust.

  1. Jacob Sayles

    At Office Nomads (Seattle) people leave their stuff when they go for lunch and Susan or myself are here to watch out for things. We have a pretty front desk (that we built) and during business hours one of our smiling faces is sitting behind it. Eric, our Office Monkey also helps us keep an eye on things. As the community fills in and more and more people sign up we all look out for one another. This is one of the biggest strengths of a tight community.


  2. silky

    well this is also why paying a fee is appropriate. i think the trivial answer to this problem would be to just have optional safe’s that could be used [or lockers]. but normally you’d fine the fee would prevent any mischief.

    lockers is probably what i’d adopt.

  3. Charles

    I know the people around me at Office Nomads. They know me. It’d be so easy for some newcomer to be caught stealing stuff from my desk that to even try would be stupid. Maybe as ON gets more crowded, I might consider putting a few things in one of the locking drawers next to my desk, but all in all, anyone snooping in my area would be noticed. If it was someone not known by the other people who work there, they’d be stopped poste haste.

    If you’re worried about it, why not get a security cable for your laptop and lock it to something?

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