On the Road to San Francisco


Last night I stayed in Goleta just north of Santa Barbara. I headed off at about 9am this morning and started driving north on US Route 101. Along the way I decided to take the slightly longer route and get onto the old Highway 1. Along the way I drove into a town called Lompoc. The photo above was taken from a church carpark on the way out of town. One of the things that I loved about Lompoc was that it is nestled behind a set of hills and mountains so when you drive in and out of the town you feel like you really are isolated (in reality however Lompoc would easily be larger than the town I grew up in – Caboolture).

I decided to get breakfast in Lompoc which comprised on bacon, eggs and a hash brown and a bottomless cup of coffee. If I am ever back this way again I’ll definately stop by the cafe again, I got a real taste of American hospitality and it was just like a TV show with the local old boys all sitting up at the counter for their morning catch up. In all my previous trips to the USA I hadn’t quite had that experience yet and it was one of the things I was looking forward to finding this time.

One thing that I haven’t been able to find so far today is a wireless connection so I am writing this particular post offline. I was hoping the cafe would have have wireless but I quickly realised that it wasn’t from this century (which was kinda refreshing). Right now I am sitting in a McDonalds having a break from the driving (no wireless here either).

Adjusting to miles as a unit of measurement is actually quite difficult. Each time I pass a road sign I read it as if it is in kilometres and think “not far now” when in reality I’ve still got a ways to go.

Anyway – I’ve had my bite to eat, its time to get back on the road, I am hoping that I can make San Francisco tonight, but I’ve been really enjoying the scenery on the way up.

NB: This is a time delayed post because I couldn’t get WiFi, I am now in San Francisco but don’t want to re-write the post đŸ™‚


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