Sandbox Suites


When people hear me talk about sandboxes they usually think I am talking about the directory that I put my source files. This time however I am talking about Sandbox Suites, a co-working location in San Francisco that I found via the co-working wiki (once again). The picture above is of the “desk” that I am working from for the next couple of hours until Australia wakes up and I can make a few quick business calls.

Sandbox Suites is different to BLANKSPACES which I wrote about earlier in the week. BLANKSPACES has a slightly more modern corporate feel to it than Sandbox Suites, whereas Sandbox Suites feels a little bit more like a creative agency layout with a twist of cafe (that is the umbrellas doing that I think).

The space is divided between an upstairs and downstairs. I haven’t been upstairs but I am led to believe that there are private suites up there (fully populated presently). Downstairs there are currently six people including myself and the guy on the front desk.

Getting access to the facility was easy. I could have just dropped in, but I also used their online reservation service which is hosted on top of Genbook. It was relatively simply to use, just select the service I wanted (1-day free drop in) and then the time that I was going to be arriving.

When I came to San Francisco I actually wanted to go and visit Citizen Space, however I wasn’t able to get through via e-mail or on the local or mobile numbers listed. I think that this is one of the challenges of the more casual co-working locations because it requires a fair degree of coordination to get in and start working.

The spaces in which you can choose to work exist on a spectrum ranging from professional serviced offices to your mates living room.

Empty Spectrum

I’ve taken a stab at placing the co-working locations I have mentioned on this trip on the spectrum, although you may not necessarily agree (note I haven’t actually visited Citizen Space, this is just from what I can garner from their web-site).

Populated Spectrum

It is also fair to say that Unurban is not really a co-working location but more a cafe with a very regular crowd (which didn’t seem to arrive until 6pm). In reality there are multiple dimensions that co-working locations can be rated against. I’ve taken a stab at how that could be visualised.


The other thing to remember is that one persons professionalism is another persons creativity blocker. I wonder if it would be possible to gather a list of all the co-working locations globally and get people to rate them and then use the aggregated data (as well as peoples personal preferences) to come up with a recommendation system.

Possibly something for the Versatile Worker site that I will soon be launching (whoops, cats out of the bag).


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