Ashland, Oregon


Well, I made to Ashland last night after about six and a half hours on the road. Ashland is not to far across the Oregon/California border and in order to make it here I had to travel through some pretty mountainous areas. I checked into a motel at about 10:30pm and quickly checked my e-mail but I was really quite tired so a lot of it is sitting in the queue until I get enough bandwidth (I think I’ve got a case of holidayitis :P).

I took a photo from out the front of the motel this morning (about 9am). It is hard to see in this photo, but there are still a few little pockets of snow up on the hill there. Apparently the town is below the regular snow line, but it does snow in town from time to time. Given we are about three weeks into Spring in the northern hemisphere I think it is fair to say that those hills would be pretty well covered in winter.

The trip up had some great scenery. First I went across the Golden Gate bridge. I managed to take a snap in the slower traffic as I was crossing so you can get the drivers perspective. Once I was across the bridge I took a snap of the bridge from a perspective that you don’t often see in the movies.

OnGoldenGateBridge  GoldenGateFromVistaPoint

SFOFromVistaPoint GrassHills

Heading north out of SFO I spotted an interesting overpass construction project but didn’t get a shot of it (too much traffic to deal with). Basically the support structures for the bridge were all made out of timber. Sitting on top of the timber was a lot of concrete. I was surprised that something like timber would be used these days for bridge structures.

The country between SFO and Ashland is fantastic and I think that I know where Microsoft got the default desktop background for Windows XP from (I didn’t get a shot from the side of the car, but if you install Windows XP you’ll see what I saw 🙂

Before it got dark I managed to snap this shot of the sunset from the road. I was travelling at about 70mph when I took this shot. I had actually tried to take the shot whilst I pulled over in a rest stop, but I couldn’t because the rest stop was surrounded by trees and I didn’t fancy taking my life in my hands to cross the highway at dusk.


All in all it has been a nice leg of the journey. Now my car is all fuelled up and I am about to make tracks to Portland with a stop over in Salem. Time to say good-bye to The Wild Goose Cafe (great service up at the bar today).

NB: I don’t have an Internet connection as I am writing this post, so it will be published when I next hit a hotspot. It was written at about 9:20am.


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