Made it to Salem, Oregon.

I’ve reached Salem, the road from Ashland to Salem was quite scenic and in quite a few places along the way I got to see some snow off on the mountains in the distance. I tried to take a picture but the rest stops where there was a view were few and far between and I was too nervous to pull over on such a major highway.

IntelTruck Going over some mountains I saw the first sure sign that I am approaching Seattle. That’s right I saw an Intel truck. Initially I thought it was odd that Intel would have their own logistics organisation until the penny dropped and I realised that this was probably for some kind of road show.

Well, I’m going to turn back to my e-mails and see if there is anything that I need to dispatch before I head off again.

I’m actually trying to decide whether I should just go straight to Seattle tonight or spend the night in Portland. At this stage I think that I’ll go straight to Seattle which will take me through Portland, but I won’t stop.


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