Feet up in Redmond.


I’ve always wanted to post a picture of my feet to my blog 🙂

Well, I’ve made it safely to Seattle (Redmond actually). I decided to splash out a bit and book myself into a relatively nice hotel suite just off the Redmond Town Square – I’ve stayed here before, the rooms have a kitchenette with stove, fridge so I might attempt to poisoncook for myself before I transfer over to the Sheraton on Monday.

One of the nice things about hotels/motels in the US these days is that they all seem to come with free Internet access. Whilst there have been a few times where I wished I had my Next-G connection from back home it just isn’t feasible to get something like a Verizon Wireless card for the three weeks that I am here (trust me, I’ve been into the stores and asked – several times).

The upshot of this is that I’ve been able to control my roaming mobile costs a little bit because I have been able to use Skype and SkypeOut to make calls. Tonight I had a bit of a treat and had a video call with Bella.

Anyway – Redmond Town Square is actually as close to my usual stomping ground as I get when I come to the USA, been here several time and I only had to do the block once to figure out where I was (there are a few new buildings which threw me).

On my way up in the car today I used the voice recording feature on my 9502 to note any blog posts that I wanted to write – mostly around little observations I’ve made whilst I have been here. I’ll work through them in my spare moments over the next little while (note to self, I must get back to my blog post procrastination backlog).


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