Trucks and logistics.

One of the other things (in addition to the sheer volume of RVs) that I noticed whilst driving up from L.A. was the number of semi-trailers that were on the road. I reckon that I saw more trucks on the trip up from Los Angeles to Seattle than I have in my entire life, and I’ve driven along the Hume quite a few times.

The amount of energy being consumed in a day in the USA is probably a thousand times more than it is in Australia (78% of statistics are made up). It is easy to look at this and be aghast at the waste, but in reality, each one of those trucks is being driven by someone, and each one of those trucks is transporting products from point A to point B. Looking at the number of trucks in the USA could well be an indicator of the sheer size of the US economy.

To a software developer this is actually interesting because the market for logistics software must be huge and there must be opportunities in that space for people to get in on the action. What does Logistics 2.0 look like?


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