My log cabin fantasy.

No – its not that kind of fantasy. Ever since I got deeply entrenched in the technology business I’ve had a hermit like desire to hide myself away in a log cabin somewhere in Northern America. The idea is that it would snow all year round, I would have broadband Internet in the log cabin so I could do my work. When I wanted company I would ride my Snowmobile down into town to sink a few ales with the locals.

One of the things that I wanted to do on this trip which I am not going to have time to do is head up to Alaska. I wonder if I will get a chance to do that in the future – and if so I wonder if I could build a log cabin. Hey – its my fantasy – don’t rain on my parade!

Hrmmm. I wonder if it is possible to own land in the USA without being a citizen – would make for a good get-away spot.


4 thoughts on “My log cabin fantasy.

  1. Fred

    If you’re looking for snow you should check out Northern Maine! Not only do we have snow, but we auction off a log cabin every year around Thanksgiving.

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