Radio coverage.

I’ve never understood the need for things like satellite radio but after spending a week travelling up the West Coast and having to change radio stations every fifteen minutes or so I can start to understand why it might appeal.

I might be wrong, but it seems the vast majority are locally operated affairs which means you fall in and out of range a fair bit. In Melbourne where I live I can tune into a station in the city and get it pretty much all the way out to Pakenham and even then I only lose it because of hills.

The other curiosity is that the names of the stations all seem to start with a K. I assume this is part of the licensing standard in the US?


One thought on “Radio coverage.

  1. Jeffrey L. Whitledge

    Radio stations in the US don’t play music in the mornings. They are instead just commercials and DJs endlessly talking about inconsequential things. That’s why I have satellite radio—they play music.

    As I understand it, radio stations west of the Mississippi River start with K. On the east it’s W.

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