Hanging at OfficeNomads!


After the keynote today at the MVP Summit in Seattle James McCutcheon and I walked up to OfficeNomads which is on Boylston Street off Pine. It was a tough choice because there were some open sessions on at the summit, but in the end I felt that checking out OfficeNomads would be of more value to me as part of my tour of co-working locations in the USA (BLANKSPACES, Sandbox Suites).

I only learnt of this place because Jacob Sayles responded to this post of mine about co-working and trust – I had completely missed it on the co-working wiki somehow, which is especially dumb strange because it is one of my homepage tabs at the moment.

When we walked in Jacob welcomed James and I. I think that it is really important to get a warm welcome in co-working spaces because it helps set the friendly tone for the environment. Jacob gave us a tour of the facilities. The space is massive, still evolving but very comfortable. There are lounges, desks and a very good layout. The desk I had included a good view out the window (there is great natural light here) even though it was a rainy Seattle day.

One of the rooms is affectionately called “The Cave” which was pretty much lights out and one person was working in there but I reckon they could fit a good twenty people in there. I supposed that they are expecting to get a bunch of software developers, but the chap in there was actually doing some film editing so the dark environment worked well for him.

Also ran into a mobile games developer who is targeting The Danger Platform (recently acquired by Microsoft). I had lots of questions about the state of play of that particular industry segment and I mentioned that Microsoft had also struck up a deal with Nokia on Silverlight.

A little later Susan Evans (OfficeNomads blog) arrived. Susan and Jacob are the owners of OfficeNomads so it was great to meet them both – and we were able to get some insights from Jacob on how it was all going. Both were kind enough to pose for this photo.


And of course I can’t forget my fellow co-workers (unfortunately James had made tracks to catch a specific session at the the MVP Summit).


One of the cool things that we did during the afternoon was talk about some of our various devices. James’ slate-only Tablet PC attracted a little bit of attention as did my Fuji. One of the other guys here had a black Eee PC which is a very small laptop (his was running Linux).

All in all it was an educational experience and I got some great ideas about what can make co-working work, and of course I did manage to get a bit of work done. Next time I am spending a bit of time in Seattle I’ll definitely be looking to come back.


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