Some applications that I have tried on the Mac so far.

So after about a day with the MacBook Air I thought I would list out some of the applications that I am using on it. I’ve mostly just been playing around with it so don’t take this list as a recommendation at all:

  • iWork (Keynote, Numbers and Pages). I purchased this along with the MacBook Air. I have to say as an Office 2007 user these apps are pretty weak. I’m going to pick up Office 2008 for the Mac tomorrow – it looks more capable.
  • GarageBand (part of iLife). Man I hope that there are some good tutorials on the web on how to really drive this. It would also be good if I could just take a talent pill đŸ™‚
  • Skype. Need this to make my phone calls to back home whilst I am on my trip. The MacBook Air has a built in camera and I just finished a video call with Bella. She was usng a Windows Vista machine. Cross platform goodness.
  • FireFox 3.0. This is still in BETA, but I installed it because, well, I am not sure why, I’m still mucking around with Safari.
  • Qumana. What I am using to write this blog post. It is a little like BlogJet which is what I used to use on my Windows Vista machine before Live Writer was released.
  • Google App Engine SDK. Haven’t used it yet, the installation experience wasn’t that great to be honest.
  • Python SDK. This is a dependency of the Google App Engine SDK and actually one of the reasons I didn’t like the Google App Engine SDK (it didn’t set this up for me).
  • Messenger for Mac. Hey – it surprised me to. Even more interesting is that it looks like it might even work with LCS as well as the Live service – although I can only get the later working at the moment.
  • TextMate. This seems to be a fairly popular editor, although the one I am really looking forward to trying out is SubEthaEdit. I just need to code with someone else who has a Mac.
  • MonoDevelop. It is my duty as a .NET developer to compile and run some CLR/CLI code on the Mac platform. This wasn’t too hard to get going but there were a few dependencies that need to get installed.

Next steps for me include looking at virtualization technology like VMware Fusion and actually figuring out how this stuff really works. Anyway – its past my bed time, need some ugly sleep.


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