Whats doing! – a general update.

Well I am back on the road so it is time to write some blog posts. The great thing about spending so much time in the car is that you get a lot of time to think about things so that when you pull over to take a break you usually hae lots of blog fodder.

On the Road Back to Los Angeles

Right now I am sitting in what is easily the busiest Starbucks that I have ever seen whilst here in the USA. However it is in a very unlikely place – Starbucks in Wilsonville, Oregon. The queue has been out the door several times but both the customers and staff seem to take it as normal so I guess this is just a popular little nexus for locals and travellers alike. One of the interesting fittings in the store is a counter – the first that I have ever seen in a Starbucks. I am sitting up at it now typing out this blog post on my MacBook Air.

I have no idea what day I fly out of the USA on, I think it is Wednesday next week so I figure I’ll get to Ashland tonight (I enjoyed Ashland and decided I wanted to go back there). When leaving Seattle last night I was actually driving through snow (first time in my life) so with the increased elevation of Ashland I suspect that there might be a little bit more snow on the peaks around the town which will be nice to see. I’m also looking forward to getting back to this little cafe where I had breakfast last time.

From there I plan to head down to Sacremento, although I probably won’t stop in Sacremento other than to catch a bite to eat, I think I might try and get all way way down to Los Angeles by Sunday night which will give me a few days to spend at BLANKSPACES.

Some Tasks for Next Week

Hanging out in BLANKSPACES will allow me to finish up my prepartion for my talk at Code Camp Oz 2008 on "Software Development for Real Men with Team Foundation Server" which basically covers off the "MUST DO’s" that I think every software development should do when tackling an enterprise software development project. If you would like to attend Code Camp Oz 2008 this year please make sure that you e-mail Greg Low and I via the registration@codecampoz.com e-mail alias just so that we can make sure that catering is covered.

After Code Camp Oz I’ll be presenting on the The Evolution of Enterprise Software Development at the Sydney Business & Technology User Group which is run by Craig Bailey who I have had the privllege of spending some time with whilst I was in Seattle at the MVP Summit. I’ll also be able to knock that whilst I am waiting for my flight to Melbourne. That session was originally going to be just on Software Agents, but in my thinking about how I was going to present some of the concepts I realised that the topic was really much larger than just software agents and really challenged the entire way that we build systems today.

Current MacBook Air Challenges

Well, its nearly time for me to hit the road. I need to go and find a USB key that I can use to transfer files between my MacBook Air and my Tablet PC. I have to say that this little experiment with the MacBook Air has been fun. Since I have been using Windows for such a long time I am finding it quite challenging to work the same way that I used to, and I can see why people that do platform switches often have negative experiences.

I’m not doing a platform switch, I am truly trying to figure out how to seemlessly switch between both since from a professional standpoint I am a .NET developer. I’m looking forward to the new things that I am going to learn in the process and how I am going to overcome any challenges.

My current challenges are listed below for those who are intereted (maybe you can help?):

  1. Entourage 2008 can’t talk to the Readify exchange server. It is supposed to be able to but I haven’t been able to get it working yet. The server is exposed to the Internet via HTTP but I can’t quite get the right set of configuration values. I suspect it could be something to do with my oversize mailbox taking a long time to do its initial sync.
  2. Transfering files between the MacBook Air and the Tablet PC is a pain. I have a few MP3 files that I would like to load across into iTunes (I picked up a 32GB iPod Touch at Frys before I left Seattle). I couldn’t get both the Tablet PC and the MacBook Air onto the T-Mobile hotspot at the same time so I wasn’t able to use my FolderShare trick for syncing files – hence the low-tech USB approach.
  3. Photos – want to know why this post doesn’t have any photos? Well it is because I can’t insert an SD card into the MacBook Air. I use my Ultimate 9520 to take photos, and it isn’t recognised as a drive when I connect it via USB to the MacBook Air.
  4. Password Management. I have using Password Minder on my Tablet PC to maintain a heavily encrypted list of passwords. The MacBook has a Keychain function, but I really need to have a password list that is in sync across both machines. The key requirements are – must run on Windows Vista 64, must run on Mac OS X and ideally sync securely in the cloud to something that isn’t run by a dodgy two bit operation.

Well – I’m off, so let me leave you with this interesting little tidbit from Not An MBA on the Twitter Test for articulating your business strategy.


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