Heading south to Sacramento, then onto Los Angeles.

As Andrew Parsons quite rightly pointed out, I am actually flying out of Los Angeles late on Tuesday night, not Wednesday which I had first thought. That means I had less buffer to deal with diversions which is why I really had to get moving this morning. The first thing I had to deal with?


There was about an inch of snow on my read windscreen this morning and a little less on the front. I grabbed a plastic insert from one of the gadget boxes that I had in the boot and scraped it off with the assistance of the cars defroster.

In the end I decided that I wouldn’t need chains (yeah, in my expert opinion :P) and head south over the pass. Right now I am sitting in a town called Willows about 140km north of Sacramento. I decided to pull over here because I saw that they had a Starbucks and an abundance of parking which might not have been available in the city. The drive down has been fantastic and the car didn’t loose its grip once. I also managed to take a few shots.





Along the way I’ve been listening to a mixture of some of my more recent favourite tracks (I didn’t bring my entire collection with me so I’ve been limited). On the way I’ve been listening to Susan Maushart’s podcast called Multiple Choice (it’s an Australian ABC Local Radio feed downloaded via iTunes).

Anyway, nearly time to hit the road again, it is a long way to Los Angeles and I want to get there tonight if I can.


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