Some more snow pictures in Ashland.

Well the snow has really come down in Ashland. I went for a walk before and I took a few shots. Interestingly when I was here last week there was only a tiny spot of snow up on a hill and I took a picture of it. I took another shot today from around the same spot – so here are the before and after shots.



I was talking to the guy that looks after the front desk at the motel that I am staying in tonight and he suggested that I check out a site called TripCheck. The site is run by the Oregon Department of Transportation and they update the site with hazard information. According to the web-site status information I am going to have to pick up some tyre chains tomorrow.

Before I sign-off for the evening, I thought I would post two more photos. The first is a picture taken from the side of the service station net more. You can see the ice packed onto the sign and on the side of the road.


This second shot is of the hills from the photos at the top of this post. Its just a bit closer without the service station (another one) in the road. After taking this I walked into a pub for a drink to warm me up a little bit (didn’t really bring snow wear with me).




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