There are different kinds of snow.

As I mentioned in my previous post today I was headed to Ashland today. Well I made it and I am sitting once again up at the counter at The Wild Goose Cafe. I predicted that I would see more snow today and boy was I right. Outside the snow is coming down and slowly starting to pile up on my car.

I’ve heard a rumour that a largish storm is going to be coming through and that they might close down the pass down to the south (for safety reasons). On the way up into the mountains I actuall encountered about four traffic accidents which clagged up the I-5 North Bound so I guess the danger is real. Some folks are asking about the availability of chains for the tyres of their cars; never driven with chains before so that could be interesting if I need to get some.

One of the things that I have I have learned on the way up is that there are all different kinds of snow that you encounter. First first kind is the disney snow, you know, the type that forms in the flakes and wafts through the air. I’ve seen a little bit of that. The other kind of snow is the more hail like snow which actually makes a sound when it hits the car – I’d call it actual hail but it is so tiny, and I’ve never driven through wave after wave of "hail" for five hours before – but then again I’ve never driven through snow for five hours either.

At the moment the snow is melting almost as soon as it hits the ground so I suspect that it would take quite a while for any snow to build up on the roads to a point where it became a problem, and I asked some of the folks at OfficeNomads in Seattle before I left whether I should be worried about ice on the roads given the weather.


2 thoughts on “There are different kinds of snow.

  1. Maria Clara

    I just want to know the different kinds of snow, the names or how do you call the kinds of snow here in america. Thank you for helping me

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