International Citizenship

Whilst I was in the car yesterday I was listening to a few Multiple Choice podcasts by Susan Maushart. One of the podcasts included an interview with Geraldine Brooks who is an award winning author.

This episode was interesting because Geraldine Brooks has for a long time been a slave to two homes, Australia and the USA. Through marriage Geraldine would have been able to flip between countries having to deal only with the realities of the continual relocations but I don’t think it is that easy for everyone.

Most countries aim to protect their domestic social security infrastructure and employment markets by imposing restrictions on who can live and work in their country. However – I wonder if this is now an outmoded concept, is it possible that some people could simply designate themselves as a Citizen of Earth and through desire and capability be highly migratory?

As technology enables us to get away from our desks isn’t it possible that people might decide that they want to travel to other countries and be able to work freely? Do Visas make sense? Where can I apply for my Citizen of Earth passport?


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