Code Camp Oz Day 0: The Pre-Conference

I’m blogging this a day late, but yesterday we kicked off Code Camp Oz 2008 (the fourth year running) with a bit of a pre-conference event. We had Greg Low presenting two sessions and Jeff Wharton presenting another, and I snuck off and did a bit of a load fest, although only one person turned up – so I guess that is good news (everyone has the tools already).

I started the day by going out to the ANZAC day parade on Baylis street in Wagga Wagga and then caught up with Greg and Mai Low and Fernando Guerrero.


After that we headed up to the CSU Campus to get set up for the pre-con. We had a pretty good turn out which I was pleased to see, I thought we might only get a dozen or so people.




All in all it was a good day, and we all ended up at the Golden Season restaurant later on in the evening where a good time was had by all (OK – that is just my opinion).

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