Code Camp Oz Day 1


It was a beautiful Autumn morning this morning. The view above is from the car-park looking up towards the buildings that we host Code Camp Oz in. Taking photos like this makes me think that I might like to get more into photography one day.

We kicked off the day with Jonas Folleso, followed by Greg Low and Bill Chesnut with two rapid fire sessions. Next up it was Shane Morris and then Peter Myers. That is a pretty impressive line up already. Paul Stovell of Readify fame is up at the moment showing off some technology that he has been working on for a while – SyncLINQ.


PIC_00098 PIC_00102

We’ve been getting lots of Twitter love during the event as well with the participants managing to bump us up to number three on the global hashtag rankings. Keep up the good work guys!


If you want to follow what everyone is saying, check out the Hashtags page.


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