Matt Hamilton blogs about his Code Camp Oz experience.

Matt Hamilton has blogged about his Code Camp Oz 2008 experience. I to think that it was a really great event this year and the Twitter feed really added another dimension to it. I actually integrated Twitter into my presentation taking a brief from my customer via Twitter.

Next year I think that it might actually be worth integrating Twitter feedback into the event in a more visible way (if it is still the new hotness :P) by connecting a secondary projector up and pumping the hashtags feed directly onto the wall.

Not sure what people think about that.


2 thoughts on “Matt Hamilton blogs about his Code Camp Oz experience.

  1. Paul Stovell

    Reading through the hash tags tonight, having them up and visible would have been a lot of fun. Twitter beats evaluation forms for feedback hands down!

  2. Jonas Folleso

    Totally agree that Twitter added another dimention to the conference. I know Microsoft played around with a conference-chat system some time back, where attendees could ask questions to other attendees, if they didn’t want to ask out loud. At CodeCampOz Twitter filled that role, and having Twitter up on a projector could be a cool addition… 🙂

    Again, thanks for an awesome conference!

    See you at REMIX or TechEd! 🙂

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