Care Factor

Well Paul started it. The idea is that you product a graphic which outlines the stuff that you are interested in. The core stuff is what you are most interested in, and which you interest is possibly growing. The middle is what is still interesting but your interest has stabilised, and the outer is the stuff that you are getting less and less interested in. Paul has slightly different definitions – but the web is less about democracy and more about battling ideologies right? 🙂


I nominate Andrew Matthews, Roger Lawrence, Craig Bailey, Schnubbs and Catherine Eibner. Spread the meme!


4 thoughts on “Care Factor

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  3. Cory from Dental Heroes

    Ok, so if I understand this right, the primary motivation for the “circle of interest” exercise is to prioritize your life? Is that correct? I could see the circle expanding exponentially if we include all areas of our lives. Would you create giant circles, or multiple circles for the different areas? If the latter, would you then have to prioritize them somehow?

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