Fake Steve is just another troll.

I love the idea of Fake Steve, someone pretending to be a CEO of one of the industries iconic corporations, it is all the more special because the blog creates a sense of humility that is sometimes lacking in the person it satires.

However – I have to say it, that _sometimes_ Fake Steve is just another troll. I’ve been sitting on that post for a little bit because it frustrated me so much. Steve Balmer may not be as cute and cuddly (?!?) as Steve Jobs, but I think that he approached the Yahoo deal fairly honestly.

In the end, Yahoo held out for a higher price and Microsoft ended up walking. Personally I think that this was a mistake and I think this translation of Balmer’s letter is fairly accurate.

So why is Fake Steve a troll? Well he is basically just repeating the kind of crap that the folks over at Slashdot are throwing out there? Where is the Apple strategy? No comment?

.Mac – meh!


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