3 thoughts on “Would you pay $0.38 per hour for Windows Server?

  1. Sanders

    That would be about 275$ bucks a month. Really that is a bit high for a full dedicated server. The real question is how the support be for .38 cents and hour? For around 200$ you can get a fully dedicated server from places like Server Intellect that has around the clock support and it is a managed windows server. Is this one managed or unmanaged?

  2. wile1one

    The problem I have with this cost is it attracts others, ie INet connection costs, service reliability … etc. 38 cents a day is of course a very reasonable price, but how many users can take advantage of the service.

    It is on the surface Mitch – extremely attractive.

  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Sanders,

    Yeah – it is a bit expensive, it would be more interesting with backend application services like a distributed fully fault tollerant database/filesystem. Kinda like HADOOP, but for .NET code.

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