Stop doing things you DON’T want to do and get more productive.

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli is one of my co-workers and Readify and he posted up a link to this thought provoking piece on one of our internal distribution lists. The simple argument that the author makes is that to be more productive you should stop doing the things that you don’t want to do.

Interesting. Definitely worth reading. Not sure if it will (or if I want it to) take on.


One thought on “Stop doing things you DON’T want to do and get more productive.

  1. Andy Dent

    Apart from currently having to deal with my 15yo son having decided that all homework falls into the category of “things he doesn’t want to do” – I think the basic principle is a good one, to a point.

    It gives me a jumping-off point for a couple of my favourite topics – intelligent laziness and mixed-type teams. I was a big believer in spending a little time to automate build systems, conversions, testing even before it became fashionable. The IL principle should be used when considering new practices and tools, especially infrastructure tools like choosing wiki engines. Remember to ask yourselves – “will product A allow me to be as lazy as Product B?”.

    One of the big dangers of growing teams is managing to hire a bunch of similar people. If you all dislike the same things, who ya gonna delegate the crud to? Remember to include likes and dislikes on your interview question list and be prepared to occasionally hire someone who may not be sympatico. Just don’t tell them you’re hiring them to do stuff you despise 😉

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