Made it to Brisbane for RDN Dev Day!

I’m currently sitting on the 19th floor of Oaks Festival Towers in the Brisbane CBD doing a little bit of last minute preparation for my four talks tomorrow at the Readify Developer Network Dev Day. I managed to score a beautiful two bedroom apartment for the night (sadly I’m only here for a night) and it has a great little outside deck area where I am sitting right now with windows that fold back to let in some of that cool fresh night air.

Unfortunately not all my luggage made it. I was tasked with bringing the Readify “Consulting” banner up from the Melbourne office. I had to check-it as oversize baggage and it didn’t turn up in Brisbane, I even hung around the airport for an extra hour to see whether it arrived on the next flight.

Hopefully it will make it by tomorrow morning but I think the best I can expect is that I’ll have it with me when I deliver the same sessions in Perth next week. Ah the joys of travel 🙂 To be honest, this is the first piece of luggage that I have lost for a while.


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