On .NET Reflector and Lutz Roeder

I was just reflecting (no pun intended) on this thread on the ALT.NET mailing list. I that there are a few people out there who were at least initially upset at Lutz Roeder handing .NET Reflector over to Red-Gate.

Personally I think that Lutz has done a great job for a very large community of developers and he deserved to be congratulated on his effort, and hopefully rewarded for his IP. I trust that Redgate will take the product forward in any way that makes sense, and I for one would be happy to pay for it, although they have said that they will maintain a free version.

Looking forward to .NET Reflector 6.0!

P.S. Thanks Lutz, your a champion!


One thought on “On .NET Reflector and Lutz Roeder

  1. secretGeek

    if redgate do an awesome job of it they’ll get a tonne of respect.

    i wonder if they’ll manage it? i hope so.

    and Lutz deserves a chance to get away from that tool eventually. Coupling his name to it in such an explicit way was a long-term mistake. Though good for him in the medium term no doubt.

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