Preparing for a busy week at TechEd 2008!

We are now well into the countdown for TechEd 2008, and for people like me who count on their fingers and toes I can join in on the count-down now. My week is going to be pretty hectic as I am presenting three sessions:

TechEd Sessions

Hopefully they go off without a hitch, but you never know how the demo gods might decide to smite thee. I think the highlight is going to be the Hour of Power where 6 folks including myself will give a ten minute presentation and you’ll get a chance to vote on whose presentation was the best (voting for me will earn you good karma).

I’m also going to be hanging around in the DevGarten and Sandpit areas (they are right next to each other) helping out in any capacity that I can. Hopefully I can get in on Delicate Genius’ Ask the Experts gig if I can pull my finger out and get organised, I had better submit some questions and see if I can get some folks to nominate me!

I’d love to score one of these beasties!


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