Tech.Ed 2008: An Early Start

I got out of bed this morning at 4:30am so that I could get to the airport in time for my 7am departure to Sydney. I live a little way from the airport so it takes all of one hour in the car to get there and I like to be at the airport an hour before departure.

On the flight up I ran into Sarah Graham, our Marketing Manager who I think is probably going to have a busier week than just about everyone, I believe this is her first Tech.Ed so she is in for a bit of a ride!

I’m actually up a day early for the event as my first session isn’t until tomorrow and today is dedicated to students. While the main event doesn’t start until tomorrow its a good chance to catch up with various folks in the community because they are often speaking at the event and swing past the speakers room – so I’ll hang out here for most of the day until the welcome party tonight.


One thought on “Tech.Ed 2008: An Early Start

  1. Chris OConnor

    Enjoy #teau08 – not going this year. 😦 But – glad I didn’t have a 4.30 am start !

    First year without Frank Arrigo – who’s gonna wear the hawaiian shirt ?

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