Tech.Ed 2008: The Bag

Check out this years speaker bag. A nice little green number. To understand why the bag is so important read on:


If I was a Tech.Ed organiser one of the decisions that I would stress over the most is “the bag”. The bag is the attendee bag that is traditionally presented to each attendee during the event and is packed full of various bips and bobs.

The Tech.Ed bag is a discussion point after the event and you’ll often year things like “the speaker bag was excellent this year”, or “last years attendee bag fell apart on me”. So the bag just isn’t a bag, its how individuals identify themselves as part of a greater group that attended a special event, and whilst a bad bag doesn’t necessarily equal a negative event, its a starting point for discussion and its good to kick that discussion off to a good start. The Tech.Ed 2007 speaker bag was awesome!

This year the Tech.Ed bag is common amongst speakers and attendees; time will tell what the general consensus is…


2 thoughts on “Tech.Ed 2008: The Bag

  1. Corneliu

    I have to perfectly agree with you. The new bag looks ok but I’m still stuck with the TechEd 2007 speaker bag which was awesome.
    Almost every speaker from last year loves that bag.
    My started to wear off. I hope it lasts until next year and hope for a great bag next year.

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