Tech.Ed 2008: Bloggers Lunch

I’m sitting in the bloggers lunch. Up on stage there is Andrew Coates, Adam Cogan, Roger Lawrence, Pradeepa de Silva, and Long Zheng. They are discussing the proposition that user groups are dead, and social networks has superceded them.

Topics that are being discussed include:

  • What is a user group?
  • Are user groups better or worse than social networks?
  • How are the things that people want changing? Is it generational?
  • Can user groups be online? Maybe it is evolution?
  • Can Microsoft buy pizza for all the MS-based user groups in Australia.
  • The value of forums.

I am sure the debate will rage on beyond this meeting, lots of people passionate. I suspect that this is very much tied to Microsoft’s marketing spend for the next FY 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tech.Ed 2008: Bloggers Lunch

  1. Mitch Denny Post author

    I guess its going to be a point of discussion. I’m willing to work with Microsoft to get a good outcome that works for both parties though.

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