The Sydney ALT.NET Group

Richard Banks is looking for some link love regarding the Sydney ALT.NET Group which will be running out of the ThoughtWorks offices in Sydney. The first meeting is on the 30th of September and the agenda has been posted up here. I’m looking to get involved setting up a similar group in Melbourne if anyone is interested – I’m just trying to convince someone with better organisational abilities than I to help with some of the monthly logistics 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Sydney ALT.NET Group

  1. Andrew Tobin

    Sounds like a great idea, but out here we can only get a handful of people at our .NET group, let alone an Alt.NET group 🙂

    That being said we’ve tried doing sessions on TDD, mocking, keep meaning to do some on IoC, etc.

    Problem is, anyone in our group who isn’t from the company I work at seem to be working with legacy, and more than legacy, Access dbs, and are coming along for the odd SQL session, and Reporting Services, and so we end up doing sessions more and more for that audience.

    The only other devs from the area we’ve had slightly interested came along to one (Heroes Happen Here, .NET 3.5 session) and said they loved it and would be back and never showed again.

    Hopefully the best out of these sorts of events might filter in as additions to the Code Camp over time! (Although it is usually pretty diverse in topics anyway :))

  2. silky

    I don’t know.

    What will the groups do? I think the Alt.NET “thing” is not conducive to productivity really (IMHO). Just arguing? Is it better now? Is it still full of insane people with crazy ideas?

    I’d attend something in Melbourne maybe.

    I wonder if Deloitte (as part of maybe their Eclipse Group/Innovation stuff) would be interested in hosting it … Do you know someone there to contact? If not, I do.

  3. silky

    Maybe that’s the problem.

    I really wouldn’t be interested in attending anything talking about IoC/Mocking/TDD. All of that I know and have varying levels of interest in. If it’s just talking about tools Ayenade has developed I also don’t care.

    If only there was some sort of “specialist/technical” .net meeting. That’d be nice.

  4. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback (once again). I think the benefit of the group is that it allows the .NET community to (more easily) ingest thinking from other developer communities out there.

    So if you have a room full of .NET guys, and two Java guys show up, then hopefully the discussions they have will trigger some cross polination. We’ll learn what is hot in the Java space, and they’ll realise they are working with last centuries platform (just kidding).

  5. silky

    > and they’ll realise they are working with last
    > centuries platform (just kidding).

    You need to realise how hard it is for me to let that go as a joke 😀

  6. blogesh

    It’s a great idea, Mitch. If you are interested, I could announce it at the next Dev SIG meeting in Melbourne to see if anyone is interested (particularly in helping out)

    And may I just add (specifically for other readers) – the “technical” .NET user group in Melbourne is quite active – we have regulary been getting around 60 people every month and the topics presented have been great.

    The next meeting is at the Innovation Centre on Collins St next Tuesday (23/09/08) and has two topics. If you are interested, you can check out the details at

  7. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Mahesh,

    Awesome. Not quite ready to announce anything yet, still need to get a crew together to make sure it goes off. Hopefully within the next month.

  8. Andrew Tobin

    Huh, getting 7 – 10 to our little rural group doesn’t seem too shabby in the face of ~60 for a Melbourne group 🙂

    By “technical” do you mean it isn’t the Melbourne .NET Group?

  9. blogesh

    @Andrew Tobin,

    7-10 for a rural group is awesome 🙂 (that would probably be the equivalent of 80+ in Melbourne).

    “technical” was in response to silky asking for “specialist/technical” .Net meeting.

  10. Andrew Tobin

    Thanks for that feedback Mahesh (?)

    I just know there’s gotta be more guys out there and I’d really be a whole lot more into it if others were as enthusiastic… but yeah, I would have expected slightly more from Melbourne given the networking opportunities, the population and probability of a much higher .NET crowd.

    It’d be interesting to see what the regular turn up is around other groups, but yeah that’s surprising to me.

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  12. tgeros

    I’d definitely be attending a melbourne meetup if we had one. I put a similar shout out on the yahoo groups but got only a few responses.

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