Some interesting IE8 feedback from the troops.

I was scanning the internal mailing list the other day and I came across this little quotable e-mail from David Burela:


I thought it was interesting because a lot of our guys, whilst they support Internet Explorer actually do a lot of their development with Firefox to spot any issues early and because Firebug is so damned cool.

While this quote is a week old and the IE8 honeymoon may be over it is an indication that this browser release from Microsoft may actually halt adoption of Firefox and Google Chrome (FWIW, I installed Chrome, it had some nice features but I’m back on IE8B2).


One thought on “Some interesting IE8 feedback from the troops.

  1. Paul Glavich

    Hey Mitch,

    Chrome has some nice features yes, but its getting a little beyond that now. “Nice features” are largely missed by most users. Chrome, especially for a beta release, is exponentially faster that IE6, 7, 8 and Firefox in their production quality release packages. For either Microsoft or the Firefox camp to ignore this simple fact is at their peril and is a huge wake up call. Its like showing us that we dont have to accept what “they” say is a fast browser, now that we have seen how much faster it can actually be, and speed is just one point. I love Chrome for this fact alone. Dont believe the hype..

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