This one made me chuckle. Presumably one of the folks who made a comment on this post over here on my blog has decided it would be cool to set up a blog with a similar name to mine: notreadify (instead of notgartner). I found out about it via a post back on my About Mitch page. Given that I have a “not”-blog, I guess I have to take that one on the chin.

Whilst it may seem witty to have a “not”-blog it can be fairly boring unless you fill it with content. When I started my blog oh so many years ago my first post wasn’t about Gartner, and in fact when I’ve told people that I am a blogger and told them the name of my blog, I’ve often had to explain who Gartner is, and what they do. Ultimately, I haven’t blogged much about Gartner, and when I do it is pretty tame stuff.

On the other hand some more serious “not”-bloggers have had a pretty major impact on companies like Microsoft. I’d wager that a fair number of Microsoft employees point their RSS aggregator to Mini-Microsoft and take heart that at least someone is saying what they think.

As for notreadify? Who knows what role it will fulfil. I can’t imagine a blog that is just about Readify and its exploits would be riveting reading for most people, but it is good to know that we’ve a profile in the industry where people can actually be anti-“us”.


7 thoughts on “notreadify?

  1. Andrew Tobin

    Damn it! 🙂

    We had a joke going last Code Camp that we were going to set up NotDenny and publicise it a little while we live-blogged the camp, but it came up on us quicker than we thought and we didn’t get to it!

    That and twitter had it all for us – plus we thought it was a bit too “familiar” since we don’t really know you, and although we thought you’d take it fine, it’s a bit of a line…

    Of course it wasn’t going to be anti at all, after all we have huge respect for what you do for the Aussie IT and .NET guys, Mitch, just a play on your blog.

    Anyway, not really related to whatever this guy is doing at all, but that’s ruined that joke for the future 🙂

  2. John

    having just started on my blogging path, i will feel that i’ve achieved something if a not-john blog one day appears, take it as a compliment


  3. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Rob,

    I’m not actually sure what happened. I was at SBTUG getting ready to give a presentation and saw Andy’s comment (above) saying that it had disappeared. I haven’t seen any comments about libel on Twitter, will have a look when I look for feedback on my presentation.

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