Presentation Style

Whilst I was uploading my latest presentation to SlideShare (first time I have ever done this) I took the opportunity to check out the winners of the 2008 “World’s Best Presentation Content”. It caught my eye because Guy Kawasaki is one of the judges and I have been conscious of his presentation tips for a while and try (but don’t always succeed) to follow some of them.

So – I just opened up each of the presentations and I am going to churn through them to see what I can learn. Will be interesting to see what techniques that I pick up. What are your favourite presentations? I like Larry Lessig style of doing presentations and probably borrow a lot from him, although I find it hard to translate to developer related content.


One thought on “Presentation Style

  1. Rog42

    I trawled through the comp preso’s on the week-end. Great tips there…

    Also, really enjoyed your presentation on slideshare – pity I missed the audio 😉 and the presenter.


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