SBTUG: Done!

I had great fun presenting at SBTUG this evening. My presentation was on the evolution of software development. The presentation seemed to go down well and resonate with a few people which means that I wasn’t completely off-base. I’ve uploaded my slides to SlideShare over here if you want to check them out, although without audio from the talk it may not make a lot of sense (SlideShare didn’t do a perfect conversion so if you want the PPTX file, you can pull it down as well).

Craig Bailey suggested that I record the presentation in some way. Maybe I can find a forum in Melbourne where I can present and record it. I really don’t think I could do a good job recording it into a microphone without a live audience.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended my session, it was also great to get to see August de los Reyes present. I hadn’t heard of August before now but his session really inspired me spend some more time looking at the hard research around UX. August is here for Web Directions South 08 and will be presenting “Predicting the Past”. The session that he presented at the SBTUG user group nicely flowed into mine.

P.S. If you want to take parts of this presentation and re-present it feel free, although I would appreciate it if you let me know, I’m kinda interested where this content goes and who it gets in front of.


2 thoughts on “SBTUG: Done!

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