Why is Steve Ballmer coming to Australia for?

Presidents may go on tour, but CEO’s seldom take time out of their busy schedule unless they have something specific things on their agenda. I was interested that Steve Ballmer specifically requested to connect with the Australian developer community when he visits on the 6th and 7th.

I’ll start some rumours 🙂 Maybe Steve Ballmer wants to announce the creation of the development centre in Australia as they struggle to get enough people into Redmond. I wonder what future product will be developed out of Australia 🙂


9 thoughts on “Why is Steve Ballmer coming to Australia for?

  1. Alex

    I understood it was because Microsoft Australia managed to exceed market growth / sales last year and won an award at MGX, the prize was a visit from Steve

  2. Scott Barnes

    He was actually doing interviews for the right person to replace me. He and I had a chat over lunch about it and he knew I was worried about it, so he said he wanted to see that it gets done right and he’ll personally see to it.

    Honest….why don’t people ever believe me anymore?

    Scott Barnes
    Rich Platforms Product Manager
    Microsoft Corp.

  3. Kamran Shahid

    What I have analyze from last 6+ months is that Australia IT Market is growing very significently.
    You Can see more Guys are seen on forums and blogs.
    In Job market they are also appearing more and more.

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