Community Server Outage (now back up)

A few folks around the extended .NET developer community would have realised that some common community mailing lists went offline Friday last week. The mailing lists and sites affected were:

  1. Sydney .NET User Group (
  2. OzMoss Site & Mailing List (
  3. OzSilverlight Mailing List (mail archive)
  4. OzTFS Site & Mailing List (
  5. Melbourne .NET User Group Site (old site)
  6. SQL Down Under Mailing List (
  7. Some Private Lists

It was a shame that the server went down but it is now back up and running thanks to the help of the IT folks at Readify (David and Joel) and some PSU surgery from yours truly.

Fortunately we had a spare server in the cupboard that we could just rip and replace the power supply but the whole episode has made me think that I need to move this facility into a more manageable environment. At this stage I am thinking of doing a P2V migration and putting on one of our Hyper-V hosts.

Anyway – thanks to all the community leaders for being so patient, I’m sorry it too all of a week to get it back up and running. We were caught with our pants down on this one.


One thought on “Community Server Outage (now back up)

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