I’ve got a Twitter Ticket to PDC2008.

It was the PDC in 2000 where .NET was first unveiled to the world, and a later PDC when we first saw the previews of the pillars of Longhorn. Needless to say I’ve always expected big things to come out of every conference – PDC2008 is no exception, I think this time we are going to see a lot of threads that have been dangling in the wind be drawn together into a very pretty tapestry.

Of course, like all other other PDC events since I’ve known about their existence, I’m not going to be able to attend this one due to prior scheduling commitments, however I am fortunate enough to have picked up a Twitter Ticket for this years event.

A Twitter Ticket, for those of you know don’t know about it is all about using social networks to keep up with what is happening at the event. Specifically if you follow this Twitter user you’ll get the official scoop, but if you go digging you’ll be able to track those individuals who are actually going to the event and get a more grassroots perspective. You may also want to follow this Tweet Scan feed.

While I am bummed that I can’t go to the PDC, I think that the Twitter Ticket is going to be particularly good this year.


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a Twitter Ticket to PDC2008.

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